Dress to impress

Miss / Bride | SS2017

Cartagena was always a place I wanted to visit in Colombia. January this year , I finally got a chance. 

Vibrant nightlife, lively ambience, 16th century colonial buildings, cobbled streets lead to maze-like squares and shops, every corner was truly inspiring! Local craftsmen showcased their creations, from leather goods to sandals, straw hats to bags, colorful materials and bright elements just clicked into my mind, that's how my second collection, Miss / Bride was born!

Some may think, Bride/ Bride-to-be has to be in a cake-like layer dress or wedding gown? To me, I'd say, why not let yourself be one more night of Miss? Try something chic and playful, it'd be cool to wear your wedding dress on the anniversary instead of hiding it under your bed forever, right?

So,I hope my collection does save some space under your bed and rescue your upcoming anniversary's outfit idea! 

Bess L x 
June 2017

Special thanks to:
Photos by Eugene Chan | eugene C. photo galleria | www.ectakephoto.net
Makeup by Windy Chan | WindyChan-makeup
Styling by Sam Fung | Xiaoshiguang


First Capsule Collection | SS2016

Bess Leeder's first clothing line!
The first launch went very well last week in Shanghai Super Summer Fair! The feedback was great and some pieces are sold out already and have to reorder for the second round! Million thanks to the following team, without you all amazing help, it would not be possible!

Photos by C Lok | IM PRO
Makeup by Holly | IM MakeUp Pro
Styling by Sam Fung | Xiaoshiguang
Mentor Renee Szeman Tang
Mentor Keith Chan | Hintegro
Guest model Elaine Tsang 

Bess L x 
July 2016